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Sponsorship 101

Getting a Newcomer Started

Worksheets from the Sept 15th 2019 Sponsorship Workshop, an  interactive sponsor / sponsee workshop sponsored by 2 intergroups – CMI and MWI

WHAT A practical method for getting someone started
A foundation from which we can begin to work the steps
Diffuse the fear that keeps people from sponsoring.

Download the PDF worksheets from the Sponsorship Workshop below:



Food Slip Inventory

General Thoughts on Getting Newcomers Started

Resources for Sponsors

Some General Suggestions for New Sponsors

Three Column Food Inventory

Tips on Sponsoring

What do you say…

Workshop Materials

On Awakening

Worksheet from the “On Awakening” Workshop hosted by the MWI Intergroup on 2.23.20

Intergroup Renewal

Intergroup Renewal and Strengthening OA

Content document from the September Intergroup Renewal Meeting lead by Don C. 

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