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HOW TO ACCESS MEETINGS due to COVID-19 cancellations.

Below is the updated MWI virtual meeting list. If you have any questions, changes or need to get the MWI Zoom account for your meeting, please contact MWI at

In service,
Your MetroWest Intergroup

Newcomers Zoom Meeting
Sunday 5:15pm EST
mtg ID: 534-749-392
OR call in 646-558-8656 mtg ID: 534-749-392

Newcomers Zoom Meeting
Sunday 7:00 EST
MWI Zoom:
mtg ID: 705-658-2426 OR call in (929) 205-6099

MWI Workshops - Every SUNDAY!

Every Sunday at 1:30. Go to the MWI Zoom account:

  • May 31:  Sponsorship 
    Hosts: Blair P & Nate
  • June 7 – Healing from Food Addiction while dealing with Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
    The disease of food addiction is physical, emotional and spiritual – and so is giving birth to a child. This panel of older moms and seasoned moms who have given birth in recovery will share their experience strength and hope around some of the issues they faced when pregnant and breast-feeding.
    Host: Carolyn V.
    Panelists: Lauren and Liz. G



  • June 21 – Navigating Cancer & Recovery from Food Addiction
    Life keeps coming at us, including – for some of us, cancer. This panel will talk about how they have survived treatments and addressed issues around cancer treatment and food addiction. If you sponsor others, a great workshop to learn about what helped
    Panelists: Elizabeth D and Tiana 


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2nd Sunday of the month | 3:00 - 4:30 EST

OA Virtual Region presents:

June 14 – Recovery through Grief & Traumatic Times

E Workshop Series topics

Important 7th tradition announcement

COVID-19 has led to changes in the way we attend meetings. With virtual meetings becoming the norm, we urge you to make the 7th Tradition electronically through the MWI paypal account.

The work of MWI still goes on. We continue to provide scholarships, maintain the website and spread the message of recovery. MWI donates 10% of your contribution to R6 and 30% to WSO.

Make a direct online contribution with the PayPal link below.

Looking for speakers for your meeting?

Contact the new MWI Speaker Bank! Email Jen B. at with your name, phone number, email, and meeting and we will connect you with someone who would be interested in speaking at a meeting.

Atheist / Agnostic Meeting Format

Looking for an format for your Atheist / Agnostic meeting? Look no further. Download this PDF as a guide.

Atheist / Agnostic format

1st Annual Virtual Region Convention

Save the Date
When: Saturday & Sunday June 20 and 21
Time: 11:00 am -11:00 pm (EST) Saturday
6:00 am – 6:00 pm Sunday

Workshops will be led and supported by multiple intergroups around the globe & The Virtual Region special focus.

Click to download PDF

2020 World Service Convention

The 2020 World Service Convention is coming up soon. The Convention Panel is in discussion to decide how this convention will take place. Please check back here for updates.

Previous information:
Have you saved the date? Block your calendar from August 20–22, 2020, and sign up to receive email updates about registration, special hotel rates, the master schedule, and much more.

Send an email to and include your full name (first and last name) and either your US state/territory of residence or your country. Your information will be kept confidential to the World Service Office. Sign up today!

OA World Service Meeting Transition Guidelines

With the majority of the Fellowship transitioning to virtual meetings, including many who have limited experience with virtual meetings, we would like to offer suggestions and resources for groups to manage these transitions.


OA's new social media channel

Follow us at for inspiration, information, and to help carry the message!

Seventh Tradition Update: $5 Suggested Meeting Contribution

In March 2019, the Board of Trustees voted toincrease the suggested meeting contribution to US $5. This decision was made to account for inflation and OA’s increased reliance on, social media tools, and other information technology to carry worldwide our message of recovery through OA’s Twelve Steps. Today, the Seventh Tradition of OA pamphlet has been updated to include the US$5 suggested contribution.

Replace your current stock of pamphlets with the new version. Download a PDF from the “Group Treasurer Materials” section of the Documents pageat or contact the World Service Office for assistance in updating your translated version.

Mass Bay Intergroup Meetings

Sunday Newtonville OA
5-6:00 pm
(605) 313-5140, 173475*

(phone only meeting for now)

Saturday, Medford 9am
Sunday, Stoneham 8:30am
425-436-6310, code 853478#

Saturday, Spaulding HOW mtg
ZOOM mtg 9:30am
Email for invitation

Monday, Stoneham 6:30pm
Big Book Step Study
425-436-6359, code 892485#

Tuesday, 9:30am
Big Book Step Study
605-475-4700, code 888559#

Wednesday Waltham OA, 7-8pm
Zoom Meeting ID: 221 108 387
Password: 476789

Sunday 5-6pm, OA BBSS, (Andover)
605-313-5556. PIN: 839941#

Saturday 9-10am, 90 day (Medford)
425-436-6310, PIN: 853478 #

Saturday, March 14th, 8-9am (North Andover) 425-436-6356. PIN: 713066#

Saturday April 4, 10:30am-Noon, Mass Bay Intergroup monthly meeting, all are welcome. 605-475-2875. PIN: 4134252


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