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The 3 Legs of Recovery

16th Annual Biddeford Retreat

October 11-13, 2019

Marie Joseph Spiritual Center

Biddeford Pool, Maine

Presented by:

Southern Maine Intergroup

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Public Information Resource List

Created by the PI/PO Committee, this comprehensive directory lists the many, many, many resources available to members, groups, and service bodies carrying “this message to compulsive overeaters.” Free and downloadable, the PI Resource List has link information for multiple resource categories, including guidelines, PI posters, podcasts, OA’s Facebook pages, and more. Save, share, and reach out! Download the pdf

Secretaries: Update Your Meeting Info

Do your part to carry the message. Make sure the details of your meeting—day, time, location, OA contact name, phone number, and any other necessary information—are up to date so everyone who is searching for a solution to compulsive eating can find their way into our rooms and virtual meetings.

Go to Edit a Meeting to review your meeting details and make changes.


Updated Abstinence Definition

OA’s worldwide group conscience, the delegates of WSBC 2019, voted to adopt the following:
Policy on Abstinence and Recovery
The WSBC 2019 accepts the following definitions:
Abstinence The act of refraining from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors while working towards or maintaining a healthy body weight.

Recovery Removal of the need to engage in compulsive eating behaviors.

“Spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery is achieved through working and living the Overeaters Anonymous Twelve Step program.”

Men's Workshop - starts July 21st

A 15-session workshop designed to help MALE participants achieve and maintain abstinence through working all Twelve Steps. Download the Flyer

Fun fact

April 23 was the day a notable game show contestant pocketed $20,000 for giving the correct response, “What is Overeaters Anonymous?”

That same day? Online searches for “Overeaters Anonymous” almost doubled from about 2,200 to 4,200! Plus, what greater introduction to our Fellowship than to reference our Third Tradition?

Let’s enjoy some gratitude for this TV boost as we carry the message!


I hope you are as excited about the 2019 Region 6 Convention – Rooted in Recovery – as we are!  Please join us in White Plains, NY on October 18-20.

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